The global impact of Janis Joplin’s short but full life is immeasurable. An iconic rock ‘n’ roll figure during the pivotal counter-culture movement of the late ’60s, she was born into a family of creatives from a small Texas town. Janis struggled to find her place within the constraints of her conservative upbringing. She found freedom in performing, and gained a following for her gritty, blues-style voice that shook listeners to their core. Her exhilarating performances were heavy with emotion, and her presence demanded the attention of her audience. Janis channeled her wild, unfiltered spirit into her flamboyant stage persona, “Pearl,” dressed in elaborate ensembles of embellished, luxurious fabrics fashioned into the sultry, liberating silhouettes of the ‘60s. Janis was born a leader. She rebelled against the boundaries of society and went on to set the stage for future generations of independent, strong-willed female performers.

The electrifying and brilliant path Janis tore into history was cut tragically short well before her niece, Malyn Joplin, was ever born. Malyn was only privy to family stories and strangers’ accounts of her aunt’s colorful yet turbulent life. Growing up, Malyn was tormented by an insatiable curiosity surrounding Janis, matched by an internal resentment of having never met her in person. In search of a deeper connection to her aunt, Malyn launched Made for Pearl as a creative vehicle on her road to discovery. Each season, Malyn and the team at Made for Pearl source style inspiration from photographs, personal letters, and family stories that capture the passionate, untamed yet brave spirit of Janis. Every silhouette, fabric and detail aims to rebuild an authentic image of Janis through a modern, updated homage to her iconic style.

Made for Pearl's inspired-by pieces are produced with top-quality materials, lovingly made in the USA. They're designed not for the prevailing winds of a given season, but for the unchanging sensibility and aesthetic of fashion forward customers that are as constant as Janis Joplin's unforgettable voice.  Made for Pearl designs capture the attention of fans everywhere, as well as inspire a new generation each season to discover the unmatched spirit and soul of Pearl.



Growing up as the niece of Janis Joplin, Malyn Joplin accepted she had deep, significant roots in music history, but constantly struggled to find a deeper spiritual connection to her famous Aunt. A bold move out to California sparked a creative nerve in Malyn and drew her into the world of fashion. After studying at FIDM and working with several up and coming brands, Malyn found herself embracing not only the powerful influence that Janis had on the world of rock'n'roll, but the colorful imprint she left behind in the world of fashion as well. Looking for inspiration in her family's trove of Joplin treasures and heirlooms, Malyn launched Made for Pearl to embark on a journey to rediscover her Aunt's magnetic style influence not only for herself but for the next generation of bohemian babes. Raising her growing family of three young boys with her husband in Venice, CA., Malyn's love for family and tradition is felt in every thread and her attention to detail to uphold her aunt's iconic look and spirit is fashioned in each and every season. 


Creative Director

Cutting her teeth in punk rock and tribal belly dance, Katie Kay Mead considers every moment of life experience influential in her design and business sense today.

After earning her degree in Fashion Textiles while studying in San Francisco, Mead returned to the Los Angeles area where she was born. Upon her return, she continued teaching and performing dance, a passion that lead to touring the world on stage with many bands throughout the 2000s. Two worlds collided and Mead began costuming her fellow dancers--and eventually stepped down from  the stage to manage the tours she once graced the stage on. She retired from touring in 2009 to focus on fashion.

After her longtime role as co-designer with SKINGRAFT and consulting countless up-and-coming LA upstarts with her firm and retail store, GatherLA, Mead is currently Creative Director of Made For Pearl. She is married and welcomed her first child, Atlas James Mojave, in 2014.